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About The Reel House Foundation

It all started in 2015, when we hosted our very first Mystery Movie Mini-thon. The idea was simple. Host a movie night for our friends at a local theater with any proceeds of the event being donated to charity. Wanting to focus our efforts locally, we decided to start the Reel House Foundation was born. At The Reel House Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of cinema to inspire, educate, and unite communities. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community centered around the love of film in Fort Worth while providing cinematic experiences to at-risk and underserved children in our area.

Our Impact

Empowering Youth Through Film

Collaborating with local children's organizations, we bring the world of film to young minds providing them with not just entertainment but also platforms for discussions, enabling exploration of diverse perspectives, themes, and ideas. Our target is to have monthly events with local organizations that specifically give back to local youth.


Cinematic Education and Engagement

Through partnerships, we've curated screenings tailored to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking among young audiences encouraging dialogue, empathy, and cultural understanding among our community's youth.


Fort Worth Film Club

Fort Worth Film Club partnered in 2022 with the Reel House Foundation after the closing of the Grand Berry Theater in Fort Worth. Continuing what the Grand Berry started, the goal is to build a community in Fort Worth around a shared love of film. To that end, we host monthly, free to the public, screenings of movies, aiming for those with cultural and local importance, with a moderated discussion held directly after the movie. In addition, we host other community screenings and events. Amidst the scarcity of repertory and art house cinema outlets in Fort Worth, our monthly series serves as a cultural beacon fostering a sense of belonging and intellectual exchange.

Addressing the Void in the Cultural Landscape

Fort Worth's limited outlets for repertory and art house cinema create a void in our cultural landscape for adults and kids alike. The Reel House Foundation endeavors to fill this gap by championing diverse narratives and artistic expressions often overlooked in mainstream cinemas. In addition, by targeting those at-risk and underprivileged, we look to foster that same love in those that would not normally have access to such entertainment.

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